Basic eBike Care and Maintenance

Ensure your eBike is safe and ready for adventure. Take 10 to 15 minutes to complete a few simple steps before and after every ride, and you’ll extend the life
eBike range

How far can I go on a charge?

Learn what factors affect your range and how to manage them. How far can I go on a charge? It’s a simple question, but the answer is complex. eBike range
eBike Battery Care

How to Care for Your eBike Battery

With proper care an eBike battery will last for years. Here’s what you need to know to maximize your battery’s longevity and performance: Fully charge a new eBike battery.IZIP eBikes
eBike Picnic

How to Plan an eBike Picnic

Summer dining just got more fun. Getting tired of the same old crowded happy hours and drive-through dining? Running out of date night ideas to impress your new guy/gal? It might

Ride an Electric Bike

Ride an Electric Bike to Save Money, Stay Fit, and Save the World! Have you been considering buying an Electric Bike, but haven't gone through with it yet? Have you