4 Unique eMTB Adventures for Summer (Part 1)

We think mountain biking is amazing- it gets us into the great outdoors and stretches our physical limits all in one activity. And of course, there’s nothing like the rush of an amazing downhill ride.

So why an electric mountain bike (eMTB)?

If you feel that powering your ride would feel like losing trail cred when everyone else is toughing it out on their non-electric, perhaps consider the eMBT as providing an altogether different experience. 

We’ve put together 4 unique eMTB adventures for summer that will have you rethinking pedal assist.

(As always with eMTBs, make sure to check with your local land manager, or use the nifty eMTB map on https://peopleforbikes.org/emtb/ for eMTB-friendly trails.)

eMTB Adventure #1: The Ride + Camp

Sleep under stars in quiet spots away from traffic and civilization.

You’ve probably heard about bike camping/touring but usually picture a road bike loaded with panniers and miles of open road rides through towns.

Consider this the eMTB version where you’re riding single track trails into primitive camping spots hidden deep in the hills or forests.

Like backpacking, but minus the 10-mile walk with a 20lb pack on your shoulders!

Install a rear rack (our E3 Peak Plus and E3 Sumo come with mounting points) and strap your camping gear to it. With pedal assist, you’ll be sure to notice nature more without the blinding fog of pain! Cover more ground in one day and access the steeper, more beautiful spots further in than you would have on a non-electric mountain bike, or your own two feet.

(Important: Our E3 Peak Plus and E3 Sumo have impressive 30-50 mile ranges before needing a charge, but not all eMTBs are built the same, so be sure to check your battery range when planning your adventure to make sure you have enough juice to make it back to the trailhead. )

eMTB Adventure #2: The Cross-Train Challenge

Reset your expectation of what a thrilling, technical ride is by mixing things up and cross-training with an eMTB  this summer.

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran in mountain biking, the eMTB can be a super-fun compliment to your non-electric sessions.

Think about it, pedal assist is awesome for days when you’re sore from your last ride but yearn to be out on the trails, perhaps working an entirely different set of skills.

With all that extra power, instead of slaving your way uphill dripping with sweat, you’ll be riding so fast that you’re catching drifts and spotting berms all the time, even uphill. 

It’s a great way to train your reflexes and an occasional Superhuman look at what’s possible on your non-electric! Additionally, a session that feels like it’s all descent would definitely make your regular trails more interesting and exciting.

(Looking for an eMTB for cross-training? For the ultimate in comfy rides, the E3 Peak DS comes with both front and rear shocks.)

Enjoy these eMTB adventures so far? We have 2 more coming for you in Part 2 later this month. Stay tuned!