Ride an Electric Bike

Ride an Electric Bike to Save Money, Stay Fit, and Save the World!

Have you been considering buying an Electric Bike, but haven’t gone through with it yet? Have you been intimidated by the Electric Bike price tag?

Sure, maybe you already have a car. You probably drive your car to work or school, and although gas prices are cringe-worthy, your monthly car expenses don’t cost the same as an Electric Bike… or do they? AAA conducted a study which revealed that the cost of owning and operating a car in the United States averages $9,122 a year. This cost is based on the average American driving a medium-sized sedan about 15,000 miles a year. You don’t even want to know how much it costs to be driving an SUV or minivan!

While gas bills may seem reasonable when you’re filling your tank every week or two, those bills add up fast- and for what? Anyone who commutes to work knows that even a 30 minute drive in a car on a packed freeway feels like prison, especially after sitting behind a desk for hours. Additionally, it’s difficult to make time to go to the gym if your commute eats up your free time while trying to juggle a social agenda or family life on top of your work schedule.

If you’ve been considering investing in an Electric Bike, there’s no reason to wait any longer. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars a year in gas money, and it is a wonderful excuse to be outdoors! The Electric Bike can handle long-distances with ease, and there are plenty of stylish and affordable choices on the market.

The IZIP E3 Dash is the perfect commuter bike, with an estimated battery range of up to 35 miles, so you can travel in comfort and style past all the stopped cars. Reaching speeds of up to 28 mph (with hard pedaling while in high power pedal assist mode), you’ll quickly forget what it feels like to sit in traffic on highway 101.

IZIP E3 Path Plus Step Thru Electric Bike
IZIP E3 Path Plus Step Thru Electric Bike

Alternatively, the IZIP E3 Path Plus offers style that begs to be taken on leisurely weekend rides, too. The E3 Path Plus comes in either a Diamond Frame or a Low-Step Frame, perfect for any bicyclists out there. The 48V battery is silent but powerful, and can easily conquer any weekday commute or weekend journey!

The Electric Bike is a great, money-saving alternative to driving your car, and a fantastic way to fit some exercise and fresh air into your daily routine. If the Electric Bike price is still intimidating, consider the benefit that it would have on the environment! Cars account for up to 31% of the CO2 emissions in the United States. Imagine how much cleaner and clearer the skies would be if people chose to ride their bikes instead. The Electric Bike is a green alternative to your car, which you probably don’t even enjoy driving in the first place. I mean, when’s the last time you found yourself smiling during your commute?

The day you finally invest in an Electric Bike will certainly bring a smile to your face.