How to Plan an eBike Picnic

Summer dining just got more fun.

Getting tired of the same old crowded happy hours and drive-through dining?

Running out of date night ideas to impress your new guy/gal?

It might be time to swap boring for retro-cool. Because summer is for sun-soaking and outdoor cocktails, bare feet and simple pleasures. Invite a group of friends or loved one for a leisurely evening ride and cap the evening with a glorious, insta-worthy picnic spread everyone won’t stop talking about.

eBikes make the perfect picnic transport because you can get to spots inaccessible by cars, and (if bikes are allowed) wheel your food right to the picnic spot!

The eBike’s pedal assistance allows you to strap everything-but-the-kitchen-sink picnic baskets to your rear rack with half the cycling effort, which means venturing farther, fancier picnic fare, and oodles more fun!

eBike Picnic

How to plan an eBike Picnic: 

  1. Finding The Spot: Scout your favorite eBike routes for open spaces along the way for the perfect picnic spot. Views are optional, but makes for great atmosphere! Think a quiet corner of the green in the middle of your city or neighborhood. The cozy stretch of the beach where the sunset’s sigh-worthy. A meadow on top of the hill, a lakeside spot at the local park.
  2. Assembling the Picnic : Find a picnic basket that will strap to the rear rack of your eBike. Pack sturdy foods and utensils, and pad everything well for (potentially) bumpy rides. Scrap the disposable and bring real serving ware. (Think stainless steel or bamboo instead of glass and ceramics.) If you do plan on bringing anything breakable (like bottled drinks) pad it well with napkins.
  3. Details, Details, Details! : What will make your eBike Picnic memorable? Are you planning to get there by sunset and let Mother Nature light your picnic? Will you be impressing your date by bringing flowers and wine?
  4. Planning the Day : Decide if you’re planning to ride for awhile before picnicking or if you’re heading straight to the spot. While pedal assist makes riding with the picnic basket a breeze, consider how terrain will affect your carry.

Go on, try it. It’s guaranteed to upgrade your summer plans and make you the coolest kid in town. And if you’re a foodie, what are you waiting for?

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