Summer Means Father’s Day and Electric Bikes!

As spring anticipation finally gives way to summer, it’s time to get ready for the fantastically fun season ahead. Part of that involves packing away cold weather clothes and school supplies in favor of short-sleeve shirts, shorts and vacation gear, but an unalienable tick in this timeline is also making sure dads get their due. Why? …because June means Father’s Day!

Dads are usually pretty easy to please, right? They tend to be somewhat easy going, they like to have fun, and enjoy some form of sports, or at least that’s the way we often think of them. So if this sounds at all familiar, what would put a smile on the face of the father in your life?

Well, dad may or may not be in the tip-top shape of his younger years, but he still likes taking advantage of any opportunity to show off his physical prowess. Ideally that means more than silly flexing and dialing in his 12 ounce curls on game day, choosing instead to pursue some real form of fitness.

There’s nothing like riding a bike to bring back that feeling of doing some good for your body. It’s low impact, it provides a great way to get some cardio, and riding is an exhilaratingly fun outlet like no other. But, given that he’s not the physical specimen he once was, he may welcome a bit of help along the way to regaining what may have been his former cycling supremacy.

The Dash by IZIP is a super-fast electric bike that will put a lot of fun into your father’s day. It may look unassumingly like an ordinary bike, with a rack and fenders, but what this Clark Kent of ebikes doesn’t reveal at first glance is the Superman-like 350 watt, TranzX mid-motor drive system. Having that kind of power ‘under the hood’ can help get dad up to speed pretty quickly fitness wise, and literally speaking too. Turn up the pedal assist all the way up, stomp on the pedals and he’ll be flying along at a top speed of 28 miles per hour! It’s like having super powers!

If dad’s got an adventure streak in him and likes testing his mettle on occasion, then the full suspension Peak DS electric mountain bike could fulfill his need for speed. While climbing is a necessary part of trail riding, descending tends to offer a lot more excitement for most. With the addition of the powerful Bosch CX Performance Line drive system to the mountain biking equation, dad’s going to be smiling and feeling the flow on the way uphill as well as down. He’ll turn long, singletrack climbs into full-blown e-schralping sessions going farther and faster than he ever dreamed possible…and having more fun than ever!

So regardless of whether your father prefers the clean speed and fitness of pedaling on the pavement or finding flow on a less beaten path, a new electric bike is sure to please. It will rekindle the flame for rolling on two wheels and is sure to get dad on the right track to fitness and fun.