The Deep Dive: eBike vs. Bike

Why choose an eBike?

Electric bikes and traditional bikes provide many of the same benefits: fitness, transportation that’s easy on the environment, and a sense of freedom and fun that reminds us of carefree times. Why choose an eBike over a traditional bike, then? Because eBikes make cycling more convenient and more accessible. A study of more than 10,000 adults in seven European countries found that eBikers rode longer distances and had a longer average trip duration than “regular” cyclists did. Imagine riding distances you once thought were beyond your abilities because of a health issue or your current fitness level, or being able to crush a hilly commute without needing to shower upon arrival.

The drive system makes the difference

An eBike’s drive system blends human and electric power to take you farther and faster than you thought possible. When choosing an eBike, consider the three main components of the drive system: the battery, the motor, and the control pad. The battery is the most expensive and arguably the most important component of an eBike. High-quality Lithium ion batteries are costly to produce, but they offer a longer range and a longer lifespan than lower cost batteries. If you’re planning to ride often or for longer trips, it’s worth it to invest in an eBike with a high-quality battery. Learn more about the IZIP battery pack difference.

The Deep Dive: eBike vs. Bike

In general, more expensive motors provide more torque and have more sophisticated sensors to adjust the level of power as you pedal. How much does that matter? It depends on where you ride and your riding preferences. If you live in a hilly area, more torque will ensure you’ll sail right up long, steep climbs. Another thing to consider is that different motors have a different “feel” — some offer quick acceleration from a stop (great for when you’re in traffic), while others start more gently for a more natural feel. Learn more about drive systems.

There’s a wide variety of control pads, but they all attach to the handlebar so you can select your level of assistance and check other stats like speed, trip distance, and the amount of charge left on the battery — all without taking your hands off the bars.

Apart from the drive system, you may want to consider other components into your decision. As with traditional bikes, higher quality eBike components, such as lightweight frame materials and powerful brakes with better modulation, cost more. Take some time to think about what’s most important to you and what might make the difference between a so-so riding experience and one you really look forward to.

The Deep Dive: eBike vs. Bike

Is the difference worth it?

An eBike makes a great addition to your life as an adventure machine, fitness tool, and mode of transportation. Find the eBike that matches the range, terrain, and amount of assistance you want, and you’ll be on your way to enjoying more rides more than ever.