The Battery Pack

Every IZIP electric bike uses only the highest quality Lithium-Ion battery cells manufactured by the world’s leading brands: Panasonic, Samsung, LG and Sony. The cells are built into a battery pack that is specifically matched to the drive system for optimal performance and safety. These are the same cylindrical 18650 cells (18mm in diameter and 65mm in length) used in most electric cars today, including Tesla. The battery pack is controlled by an intelligent printed circuit board assembly, which is called a battery management system (BMS). The BMS has a microprocessor and electronic components that communicate with the other system components. They record and control the pack performance by balancing the cells and managing the recharge, discharge, and temperature of the pack for safety and long life.

Range – How far can I go on a fully charged battery pack? While this seems like a simple question, because there are so many variables, it can be quite difficult to answer. The variables that effect range are motor wattage and efficiency, terrain, rider weight, carrying weight, wind, temperature, assist level and amount of human power input. So how can you calculate how far you can go? See below:

Rated Capacity – The capacity, or total stored energy in a battery pack, is rated in Watt-Hours (Wh), which is calculated by multiplying the pack’s Amp Hours by the Voltage (Ah x V = Wh). Think of watt-hours as the size of your tank and it will help you to understand how far you can go.

Voltage – Voltage (V) is the measure of the potential power of the battery pack. The higher the voltage, the more power it can provide to the drive system. Think of voltage as the diameter of the pipe if you were pumping gas through it.

Amp Hours – Amp hours (Ah) is the measure of how many Amps the battery pack can deliver per hour. Think of amp hours as the pressure the gas is under traveling through the pipe.

Based on conservative averages, most IZIP electric bikes will use between 12 and 24Wh per mile, depending on all the variables stated above. So for example purposes, if the rated capacity of the battery pack is 500Wh, you can expect to travel somewhere between 20.8 and 41.7 miles on a single charge.

On the product page of each IZIP model, we provide an estimated range. If you have range anxiety, you will be happy to know that every IZIP electric bike comes equipped with a battery gauge that monitors how much stored energy remains in your battery pack and a range indicator that provides real-time updates and an estimate of how many miles-to-empty based on the assist level you are using. If you’re managing the assist level, you never have to worry about running out of juice.

How long does it last? – You can expect your pack to last between two to four years depending on the frequency of use and number of full recharge cycles. Lithium-Ion batteries will very gradually lose capacity over time with use. Follow the important instructions provided with your electric bike to maximize life and performance of your battery pack, store it in a cool and dry area and take care of it as it is the most sensitive of all of the electronic components on an electric bicycle.

How long does it take to recharge? – Depending on the state of discharge and the rating of the charger, it can take between two and six hours to fully recharge the battery from a standard outlet. Recharging is simple with our smart chargers and it’s suggested that you recharge the battery after every ride.