Super Charge your Winter Fun

For two-wheeled enthusiasts, winter used to mean a seasonal end to activities, but no more. Since the advent of fat-tired mountain bikes, there’s no reason to give up on the good times and physical fitness just because it’s cold and slippery outside. And now with the introduction of electric fatbikes, things have gotten even better!

Take an electric bike like the E3 Sumo for instance. It’s a high-tech electric mountain bike built with a lightweight aluminum alloy frame and 4-inch, super fat tires to provide extra float and traction when venturing out in that white wintery fluff and ice. The optimized geometry and super grippy tires let you embrace the coming of winter and enjoy a whole new outlook on riding bikes.

Electric assist provides added drive when things get tough. Soft snow can sometimes rob power and momentum bringing even the fittest of riders to a grinding halt. With the additional boost of the Bosch Performance CX 350 Watt integrated mid-drive motor and matching Bosch Lithium-ion 36 Volt battery delivering super human torque to the rear wheel, you’ll be able to power through conditions that would have an elite athlete walking through the snow.

Part of riding or exercising in winter is properly regulating your body temperature so you stay comfortable in spite of the weather. If it’s cold enough for there to be snow on the ground, then it’s clearly cold enough to warrant wearing some warm clothes, right? But what happens when you have to power a bicycle through challenging terrain or over soft surfaces? You end up having to work extra hard, often getting hot and sweaty in the process. That’s of course part of the deal of exercising, but when it’s cold outside, those extreme outputs of physical exertion and sweat will quickly lead to rapid cooling as soon as your effort level goes down.

An electric fatbike can help even out your exertion levels by assisting your pedaling during what would otherwise be really hard efforts. The resulting effect is that you can better meter out your power and keep pedaling without overheating so easily. The boost from the motor can help prevent you from getting all sweaty and wet, and in turn, help keep you from then getting cold because you’re damp. It might seem strange to some, but an electric bike really can help you stay warm and dry in the cold while still providing a fun exercise outlet.

Maybe you live in an area that only gets occasional snow and would prefer to get an e-mountain bike that’s a little more versatile year round? In that case, a ‘Plus’ e-bike might be a good choice for you. The E3 Peak+ is a great candidate. It’s 27.5-inch wheels have a similar overall diameter, but the tires are smaller at 2.8 inches equating to a little less traction and float in deeper softer snow. What you trade off there, you gain by getting a little more nimble ride.

Regardless of which tire size you think you might prefer, you now have reliable options to continue riding and enjoying fun filled activities year round. When the days get colder, just bundle and laugh at the cold as you roll your way carefree through winter. Who knows, you may even come to find that you have more fun e-biking in the winter than you ever thought possible and end up liking it more than summer? Reality can be stranger than fiction!