My Best Electric Bike

– by Turbo Bob

So many have been waiting for the perfect electric bike. One that rides like a regular bicycle, is smooth and solid, and gives you the confidence to ride everyday doesn’t seem like too much to ask for. I know my wife and I have been on that search for a while. Our 6 year-old eZip eBikes are running great, but up-grading to some modern electric bikes is starting to make more sense. I do think we have found the perfect replacements.

She and I both have had a chance to ride this new IZIP E3 Path+ on many group rides and solo runs. She got a chance to try the low-frame model this month at the beCYCLE grand opening in San Marcos, CA. We both enjoy the up-right seating position and the agile feel it offers. We love the clean European look and the way the bike is out-fitted. More than all that is the advanced control system and the easy, smooth flow of electric-assist the motor gives. Perfection attained? I am feeling it strongly.

With all the miles I put on this Electric Bike, I could only find one thing that I didn’t like. When you hear what it is you’ll know what a nit-picker I can be and just how thoroughly I wrung out this new Electric Bike. Between the two of us we crested long hills, carved some sweeping turns and pedaled many road and bike trails. This IZIP E3 Path+ is kind of stealthy too. Many electric bikes I test are flashy and all that, and they stand out in a crowd. This bike only really grabs your attention when you are in the saddle. It practically floats on a smooth cloud with a comfort level worth discussing. Every control makes sense and responds to your thoughts more than your touch. The easy rush of motor power is a big part of why this Electric Bike will be so successful.

I have thought long and hard about why this electric bike is so special. I figure one reason is that Currie Technologies has been building electric-assist bikes for a long time. They have farmed the opinions of thousands of customers and potential customers for many years. Sure, they offer a wide range of different hybrid electric bikes (in many styles and price points), but they have tailored this Path+ to feed the masses. They have hit the mark well, and I for one couldn’t be much happier about it.

I could go on for a long while about all the things that make this new IZIP electric bike special (and I might just do that). I have been riding electric bikes for a long time and have tested more than I can remember. Each one has its highs and lows, but the IZIP E3 Path + has only highs on its resume. I do feel that the programming of its control system is the feature that stands out the most. With what I feel is a soft-start for the motor, whenever the power comes on you will never be jolted with too much power too quickly. If you’re anything like me, the cruise control button will be a favorite for mile after mile.

IZIP e3 Path Plus hybrid electric bike

The spec list on this bike reads like a warming book. I don’t like to go too deep into these, (you can find them all on the Currie Tech Electric Bikes website), but a few worth mention are the direct-drive 500 watt brushless rear hub motor, the 48 volt high-capacity lithium battery, the multi-purpose handlebar mounted display unit, the ultra comfortable saddle and mustache handlebars, and the choice of frame sizes and styles. You can see them all on their site, but I think a good long test ride is a better way to experience all the fine details.

Only you can decide if this is the Electric Bike that will get you out of your car and on the road to smiles, health and savings. There are tons of reasons to make an electric bike your best friend. The more you ride one the more every reason comes to life. Choosing the right hybrid electric bike can be tough, yet with this new offering from IZIP, I think you can narrow down the list to just one. One is also the number of test rides you will take on the IZIP E3 Path+ to realize that you want to ride home on this bike like I do every day. It is just that nice.

There was a time that I would have called this a mid-priced electric bike. In today’s market I feel that it makes more sense to shift that down a notch. It is almost unbelievable you can get so much for so little if the Path+ becomes your new source of transportation. Add to that the fact it comes fully equipped with almost every electric bike accessory you’ll need. The only extra I see on the books for a daily rider is a front and rear light combo. Currie Tech offers that as an option and guess what? The wiring and switch for them are already part of the bike from the factory.

So what was that little nit-picky item about this hybrid electric bike I don’t like? The tires? Nope, they are very nice and the tubes come pre-slimed for flat protection. The grips? Nope, they are semi-ergo grips that need no up-grade. The color? Nope, it’s pretty cool and the low-frame comes in a equally as pleasing shade. Every time I take in a new test subject my first move is to record the frame serial number. On this bike it is slightly obscured so I needed to take an extra minute to do it. A silly thing to mention, I guess, but this is just how closely I ride, look at and check each electric bike I write about.

Ride the road to perfection, Turbo Bob.

“If I can bicycle, I bicycle.”—David Attenborough.

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