Low, Long and Lean Electric Bike

With many new models and redesigned Electric Bikes for the year 2014, Currie Technologies broke the mold with the Twn:exp. It has a look that says modern electric bike and touts the performance to back it up. At first glance I thought it was a folding Electric Bike, yet on my second take I saw a stout and stylish bike for today’s times. Once I climbed aboard for my first ride I was hooked.

This is an electric bike that will fit many different types and sizes of riders. They will love the smart controls and the powerful ride. It seems that each component was wisely chosen for a complete package that pulls your eyes its way. The fancy mags and contrasting colors do much in this direction too. Looks always help, but without the engineering to make your eBike work right, the smiles won’t come. Happiness abounds on the Twn:exp with every mile.

Riding this electric bike is easy and fun. The silent rear hub motor has the needed power and is controlled wisely. The buttons can be found without looking (after some riding) and the display panel does many chores. It has a well designed dual-control system that allows use of the hand throttle or automatic pedelec (pedal assist) functions independently or together. Finding the correct power setting was never an issue.

IZIP E3 Twn:exp Turbo Electric Bike

I guess an entire paragraph on the cruise control is worth it, as I personally love this feature. The largest button on the switch panel activates this function. All you do is get to the speed you like while holding the throttle at this point, then punch-in the cruise. That locks in the speed no matter if you are pedaling hard or easy. It is great for keeping pace during the long rides. You can go faster (with the pedals or a down-grade), but the picked speed is retained until you throttle-up, hit the brakes or punch the button again.

The pedelec’s power level is not only chosen by the numbers, but increases with faster pedaling. This gives the feeling of an advanced torque-assist system without the extra complexity or cost. The design crew at Currie Tech really put some thought into the way everything works and you are the benefactor. With all the wacky control systems you will experience on electric bikes, this one gets my stamp of approval.

The ride is smoothed out with a front headshock and seat post suspension. The beefy cross-section of the 20” tires play their part in the ride too. The mags not only look good but help the solid feel as you make tracks on the road or bike trails. And if a quick stop is in your near future, not to worry, the IZIP E3 Twn:exp has big hydraulic disc brakes that work with the best of them.

Add to that a full complement of goodies that come standard (unlike many Electric Bikes you will see). The full coverage fenders and chain guard will keep you dry and clean. The kickstand is rear mounted in a way that works right and won’t interfere with the pedals. The built-in lighting is ready at the push of a button. And that futuristic rear rack has adjustable hold-down elastic straps. Bell? Got that too.

In the bike department you get a lot. Without using the power it rolls smoothly and the gear train has all you need. Nine well spaced gears are at hand with a convenient and nice working shifter. The up-right seating position is comfy, making the longer rides a breeze whether you opt to use the electric-assist or not. That is one of the great things about electric bikes, you get to choose your exercise level. You (your legs) can add 100% of the power, or 0%. I find for myself it is more of a 50/50 kind of proposition.

It was mentioned to me by a friend that even though the Twn:exp rated carry capacity is about the same as most electric bikes, without spokes, this Electric Bike might be better for the heavier riders. It is built strong and powerful, so it just seems to be a natural in this respect. If you ride to trim the waistline, this IZIP might be the best candidate on the market. Without a doubt it has a great ride, features, and a respected name on the head badge.

Thinking Electric Bike? Think IZIP E3 Twn:exp.

-Turbo Bob.

“Bicycle is a bicycle is a bicycle is a bicycle. You can even quote me on that.”—Girdle Stein.