Journey Together: The IZIP story

Fast and fun, IZIP is named for that certain kind of joy that comes from cruising around on an electric bicycle. That fresh feeling of the breeze on your face, the freedom of unlimited time, and no particular destination in mind. Consciously inspired by our California roots, we design each and every bike with an eye for stylish comfort, durability, and positive vibes. We’ll get into a bit more about how we think about our bike design below. But first, a brief history lesson.

Founded by electric car pioneer Malcolm Currie, our company has its origins in the innovative technology of the EV1 automobile—the world’s first mass-produced electric car. “Dr. Currie was a pioneer in the field of electric mobility,” explains Chief Commercial Officer, Larry Pizzi. “To say that he was ahead of his time is an understatement; he was a visionary.” An accomplished aerospace engineer and CEO at Hughes Aircraft Company, Currie believed that electric vehicles could improve lives and solve transportation problems around the globe. It was after leading Delco Electronics (a General Motors company working on the EV1) that Currie began to bring his electric vision of the future to life.

Malcolm Currie (Left) and Larry Pizzi.

Inspired by the laidback SoCal lifestyle, IZIP bikes are built for the fun chasers, the farmer’s market goers, and the early morning surf seekers. We like to say that these design values truly came to life when Larry Pizzi joined our team in 2002. An avid cyclist and bike industry exec, Larry added key momentum to Malcolm’s vision. “At first the idea of an eBike with an assistive motor was counterintuitive to me,” recalls Pizzi. “Until I experienced how fun, liberating and practical eBikes could be as a means of transportation and a way to get more people riding bicycles.” Three years later IZIP was officially launched, utilizing the secret sauce in our original electric motors, Currie’s patented ‘electro-drive’ system.

It didn’t take long for our bikes to start zipping off the shelves. The stars aligned in 2008 when gas prices went through the roof, driving suddenly got way more expensive and battery technology improvements meant that we could offer longer range and faster eBike speeds. Our bikes kept rolling out of shops faster than we could make them and we ended up selling out of every single model that year.

We believe bikes are a powerful and delightful tool for change. Not only do they help us stay fit by getting us out on adventures (whether to our favorite destination or just a quick trip to the post office), they also enable that traffic-skipping-feel-like-a-kid-again-zest-for-life. In particular, eBikes can also help with mobility – providing freedom and peace of mind in knowing that there will always be enough juice to take you where you want to go and to make it back home. We’re stoked to be making products that offers great perks, while benefiting riders health, wellbeing, and reducing your carbon footprint, at the same time. Win, win, win, and win again.

By the late aughts our IZIP brand was in a groove—moving, shaking, and helping thousands of people comfortably and stylishly get where they wanted to go. In 2012 we stepped up and joined the families of brands Raleigh, Redline, and Diamondback bicycles. This allowed us the opportunity to hone our niche and our dedication to design and reliable performance while expanding our fleet to include traditional (read non-eBike) models.

Imagine if building the most awesome bikes in the world was as easy as asking Alexa for the current weather. That’s pretty much what being in a family of world-class bike-makers feels like. Whether it’s the latest in lithium-ion battery technology or just a more comfortable handlebar and grip; we’re focused on bringing the best tech from across the globe to our bicycles at a price that still leaves room in your basket for plenty of organic produce.

We continue to root for our community. Following in Dr. Currie’s early footsteps, we’re still highly involved in eBike advocacy (he was the original champion in Congress for legalizing eBikes). Our team is helping modernize use regulations state by state and working with policy groups to change laws to provide a clear path for eBikes to flourish. “We are attempting to communicate how eBikes have the potential for positive change on so many levels,” says Pizzi. “They are true game-changers.” Since IZIP began, many eBike brands have come to the market which we think is a major win for both the planet and our community. We’re proud to be a part of this sea-change in environmental and urban mobility and we can’t wait to see what the next few years hold.

“Designed for fun, built to last” is our IZIP motto. We have benefited from our vast experience, love our reason for being, and we’re stoked for the future. This year we’re thrilled to announce that in addition to our electric bicycles we’re expanding our IZIP family by introducing acoustic (non-electric) rides into the fold. We truly believe that joyful mobility (of all bicycle types) is a sound measure of freedom and that well-made, good-looking bikes are the true ticket to happiness. We’re all in this together, so here’s to living the best bike life possible!