My IZIP Dash Electric Bike

Creating Epic the Epic Finish, The Ride, Run, Walk N’ Roll Events!

If you are reading this you are probably just as in love with riding your bicycle as I am. I love to ride. I’ve been riding a bike to work, school and play what seems like my entire life. I love it so much that I became a ride producer. For the last ten years I have spent my days and nights putting on biking events for charities. As a result, I get to spend a lot of time exploring this great city on my bicycle.

But as the years increased, my waist expanded, my arthritis and health issues I suffer from have made riding a bike difficult and painful. My wrists would hurt from the pressure I put on my handlebars. My knees hurt with almost every turn of the pedal, my lower back hurt, my butt hurt, my head would start to swim with the effort and I would find myself wobbling along the road. As an event producer, I really should be out there on the roadways testing the routes both long and short. But with the pain I have been experiencing, I have been delegating that job to others. I really want to take that task back as I feel responsible for every mile my participants ride. But so far, I still need help.

The IZIP Dash or “Dasher” electric bike came to my rescue for at least the shorter 25 mile ride for the last event that I produced. When I am on my Dasher Electric Bike, my pain is alleviated, and riding a bike is fun and exciting again. I could do one very important aspect of my job, scouting and planning the short bike rides, without pain!

I have been getting to know my IZIP Dash electric bike, and I find that I can ride about 30 to 40 miles on the Dasher at the lowest setting which is number one, before I have to recharge the battery. The way I ride, my strength and ability allows me to stay on the lowest setting for most of my typical rides, unless I encounter a steep hill then I throw it up to a two or three. The only time I hit the highest setting, four is if I am super tired, know that I have plenty of battery left and am just ready to cruise home without exerting any effort.

Planning the latest event that I produced, Finish The Ride was going to take more than 30 to 40 miles at a time. So I put my handsome electric bike on the Metro to my first destination.

Adding Metro to my ride is easy and super helpful. Bikes are allowed on subway trains, but you do need to stand or sit in the areas that Metro indicates on the sign. My IZIP Dash gets a lot of attention. He is so handsome. Everyone asks about him.

The latest event I produced was Finish The Ride. The purpose of the event is to create safer streets for cyclists, pedestrians and motorists, all users of the road. Cyclists participating in the event chose from 25 miles or the much more challenging 70 miles Tour of the Valley. The start finish line was at Woodley Park in Sepulveda basin.

Dash eBike
I hardly broke a sweat riding with these macho guys. Thank you Dasher.

I met up with my volunteers at Woodley park and we scouted the first 25 miles all together. These guys are all really strong riders. They can ride 100 miles in a day no sweat. I am really pleased and proud to say that I kept up with these guys the entire 25 miles on the lowest setting! I was even able to converse while we rode.

From Woodley Park, we took the Orange Line bike path up to the Metro station in Chatsworth, where we took a break and discussed the best way to patrol and mark the route for the hundreds of participants that would be riding that day. Then we turned around and rode home. A couple of our numbers decided to hop on the Metro because they had mechanical issues. But my electric bike and I were doing great! When I returned, I still had about 1/3rd of my battery power left. I felt pretty awesome, as you can see from my smile. This picture was taken after we rode.

The next event I am planning will be April 10th at Griffith Park. Finish The Ride, Run, Walk ‘n Roll Griffith Park. We are planning a really tough 30 mile ride involving a lot of hills. I plan to really test myself and the power of the IZIP E3 Dash eBike! I will be sure to let you know how it goes with that distance and steep hills.

By: JJ Hoffman