Electric Bike Battery Recycling

eBike battery recycling


The Next Link in the Sustainable Chain

Electric bikes are a great and approachable way people can make changes in their personal lives to help affect positive change for our environment by reducing the amount of pollution we create as individuals. It should be obvious that by keeping cars off the road, vehicle emissions can be cut down, but some raise a very good point. E-bikes use batteries as a source of power, so how do you factor them into the equation?

Batteries contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly. If dumped into landfills, their contents can leach into ground water, posing a risk to human health and generally contaminating the environment. This is why IZIP has already pioneered a sustainable approach to dealing with spent electric bike batteries.

IZIP is leading the charge on battery recycling and has partnered with a leading recycler in North America to properly repurpose their constituents and ensure that our electric bike batteries do not add to the environmental challenges we currently face. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility outline, we set up a battery recycling program with Call2Recycle, a not-for-profit that is funded by our parent company, Accell Group.

eBike battery recycling

Call2Recycle battery recycling collection sites are located throughout the US and Canada and the organization also offers a method for safe shipping of expired batteries to their facilities. Once they receive batteries, they are sorted and processed to separate their materials so they can be used to make new batteries, stainless steel, and a number of other products.

IZIP is proud of our commitment to producing environmentally friendly solutions for modern transportation. We feel that getting more people riding bikes is a great first step, but that’s only part of the goal. This is why we taking a ‘green’ approach to make sure that we engage in responsible manufacturing. We owe it to ourselves, our customers and future generations to do the right thing, and making sure that there is a safe and environmentally minded plan to deal with the waste produced by our products is an integral part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental stewardship.

If you’re considering buying an e-bike, or already have one with an aging battery and want to learn more about recycling, then we would encourage you to visit the https://www.call2recycle.org/ website. You can find battery drop-off sites near you, or in the event that you live too far from any of the established locations, you can find out more about their safe shipping solutions.

Electric bikes are a great way for us all to make individual contributions to promoting environmentally transportation, and making sure to recycle batteries is just the next link in the growing sustainability chain.