Why eBikes are better than Gyms

It’s officially Spring! The layers are coming off and everyone’s looking to get in better shape for summer. Perhaps you’re considering a gym membership after work or toying with the idea of a 6am workout (yikes!).

How about eBiking to work instead for exercise?

If you’re thinking that eBiking feels like cheating on your ol’ road bike, or that it’s not going to provide much of a workout, think again!

First of all, not all of us are lucky enough to live a comfortable 3-mile bike ride from work.

It’s far more likely to be 10-15 miles away, maybe even more. Pedaling 30 miles a day round trip on a non-electric bicycle can be nightmarish for the average commuter, not to mention unrealistic for a balanced family and work life.

But put in some pedal assist, and now you’re talking about a pleasurable, ride to (and from) work- just enough sweat and effort to get you in shape, but not so much that you’re drenched and drained upon arrival.

Side perks include workday mental prep on the ride in, eBiking to happy hours or a detour to the museums after work without the hassle of parking (yay!).

All for less than a year’s worth of gas and gym membership combined!

Get your blood pumping, save money and help the environment all at once!

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