Drive System Technology

Bosch eBike Systems:

German Engineering meets a deep passion for cycling.

Bosch has drawn from years of experience under the hood of the world’s best motorcars, premium power tools and household appliances, and Europe’s deep seeded cycling culture, that it has created a electric–assist drive system so refined, that it performs like an extension of your legs.

The Bosch Performance CX drive system, designed especially for eMountain bikes and high torque requirements, works by intuitively matching the riders pedaling torque and speed. One step on the pedal and the power kicks in to the support level you desire. Starting with matching your input with Eco mode at 50%, up to conquering the steepest inclines in Turbo mode at 300%, or with eMTB mode, the system will automatically choose the support you require for maximum riding enjoyment over even the toughest terrain. With Bosch at the drive, it’s easy to imagine where your bike CAN take you.

The Performance CX Drive Unit complies with all US regulations for Class 1, Pedal Assist e-Bikes and therefore has a maximum assisted speed of 20 mph. It’s 350 watt motor has very sporty and quiet 75 newton meters of torque when called upon.

The Bosch Performance Line, Speed drive system, designed especially for sporty high-speed bikes, delivers the right amount of power at exactly the right moment. The Performance Speed drive complies with all US regulations for Class-3, Pedal Assist e-Bikes and therefore has a maximum assisted speed of 28 mph on the pavement. It’s powerful 350-watt motor assists in Turbo mode, up to 275% and has a powerful 63-newton meters of torque to make the toughest climb, a breeze.

One of the most ridden and tested drive systems in the world, reliability is paramount. Bosch Performance is a wise investment in your health, the environment, and maybe most of all, FUN!


Brose eBike Systems:

Silent Speed.

Brose, one of the world leaders in automotive electric motors, has entered the eBike Drive System market. With over 5 million power seat motors in performance sedans from Bavaria alone, Brose has been built on German engineering and superior manufacturing quality.

The Brose system is completely compliant with all US regulations, which we have built into a Class-3, 28 mph pedal-assisted speed system. Boasting some impressive power. 90Nm of torque and 250Wattts of continuous power propel you to your top speed in no time. Brose’s power is transferred within the motor through a carbon reinforced notched belt which reduces vibration and noise when compared to other drives. Brose engineers optimized motor efficiency resulting in longer rides and a clear lack of range anxiety to the rider.


Shimano STePS eBike Systems:

No one knows cycling better than Shimano.

The STePS E6000 system is perfectly suited for round town errands, and quiet country roads. The torque sensing motor results in a quiet, balanced ride that feels like a constant tailwind. Simple to use with to 3 assist modes, a walk mode, and an easy to see and navigate handlebar mounted display.

With a convenient rack mounted 418 Wh battery, which retains all functions of a normal rack provides enough range for days of in town errands, or longer explorations down scenic byways. The STePS system engineering is very impressive, and results in unparalleled control and plenty of usable power with 50Nm of torque.


TranzX eBike Systems:

Compact size and high power output.

The workhorse of the TranzX line is the M16 Mid-motor. This cadence sensing, pedal assist motor can be found on Class 1 (20mph) and Class 3 (28mph) bikes in our product line.

It draws power from a 48V, 418Wh battery, and the 350W M16 motor translates that to 50Nm of power on the Class 1 bikes and a very sporty 68Nm on the speed system. The system uses a CAN bus communications protocol, allowing easy diagnostics, software updates as well as some unique ride feel tune-ability. There are two displays, an LCD, center mounted on the bars, and a thumb operated, compact display, mounted on the left of the handlebars.

TranzX R15 rear hub motor is sleek and simple. A gentle assist for your beachfront cruise or café run, this 350W, 45Nm torque motor flattens hills and removes headwinds. With its small hub shell size and smart rack mounted 418Wh battery it’s almost invisible upon first inspection, allowing fashion to be the focal point.