A letter from our IZIP Electric Bike Photo – Video – Story Contest Winner!

Dear everyone at IZIP,

I cannot begin to express how much I have enjoyed riding my new IZIP E3 Dash electric bike. Last weekend I rode all the way to La Cañada from echo park, an uphill ride the entire way, and did the entire 25 miles easily. In fact, I have ridden the bike almost everyday. I added baskets so I can get my groceries without having to fight traffic in the Trader Joe’s parking lot. And I have been more fully exploring my neighborhood and surrounding areas–downtown, little Tokyo, Silverlake, Chinatown, Boyle heights. These are areas that have been difficult for me to get to before due to traffic and parking. But now, it is a quick ride and bike parking is always plentiful. I especially appreciate the integrated lights for riding in the evenings. That is a great safety feature and increases the hours in which I am comfortable riding. Additionally, the bike is beautiful. People have stopped me to inquire about it and when I mention it is electric they are always surprised.

I have attached a few pictures of me receiving the bike at the Raleigh Store and riding it around the neighborhood. In one series I am heading up Cerro Gordo street, a 22% grade. A couple ahead of me had just walked their bikes up that hill and were clearly exhausted. I, however, biked up the entire hill without stopping.

IZIP electric bike commute uphill
Michel with his new IZIP E3 Dash eBike!

My friends say that all I ever want to do now is go for a ride. I can’t stop smiling! Thank you so much again for holding this contest and creating a superior product. You have introduced me to the joy of cycling again.


Michel Berube