4 eBike Adventures to Kickstart Your Spring!

It’s Spring, the best time for eBiking- the sun is out, the flowers are blooming and the days are longer! It’s neither too warm nor too cold to be unpleasant so being outdoors on your eBike promises to be pure pleasure.

We’ve got 4 fun Spring eBike adventure ideas for you to kickstart this year’s eBiking season and soak up the beautiful weather: 


The city is never more fun when you can take your eBike on a train and cover more ground than ever before! Hit the museums on one end and dinner + drinks on the other end. No sweat, unless you want to. The E3 Vibe+ Step Over in black takes you from the Arts District to the Philharmonic in any attire from urban-cool to dressy.


eBikes are perfect for experiencing the ocean in all its incarnations because you can pedal further, faster and see more in less time. Through the magical marine fog in the mornings to long sunset rides in the evenings. Immerse in changing scenes from boardwalks to tide pools with ease. The beachy E3 Zuma Step Through guarantees you’ll fit right in wherever you go on the waterfront.


An evening eBike ride around the neighborhood is a wonderful way to unwind and discover new routes and paths hidden among the familiar. Easy peasy. The E3 Path Plus in a peachy-salmon makes a striking companion and a great conversation-starter with neighbors and locals.


Research where the local wildflowers are blooming and grab your camera, hop on your eBike and seek them out. High reward-to-effort ratio and instant Insta-cool. Attach a picnic basket to the back rack of this E3 Vibe Plus Step Through and you’re all set for a lovely time among the flowers.

If the idea of leisurely Spring adventures is calling out for a brand new eBike, find the perfect one for you here.